Deduktiva helps clients in the areas of IT Development and IT Operations.
We provide hands-on consulting, full project development and operation, emergency response, or training, depending on your project and wishes.

In any case we're happy to discuss your goals and see how we can help you. Contact us.

DebConf15 Sponsor

Deduktiva is proud to be a Bronze sponsor for DebConf15, the 2015 installment of the annual Debian Developers Conference.
We think this is an important way to honor our use of Debian, in addition to the active package maintenance we already provide today.

Our Work


PowerDNS.COM BV trusts us to implement the official provisioning API and reference Web Configuration UI for their flagship opensource products PowerDNS Authoritative Server and PowerDNS Recursor.

PowerDNS Certified Consultant

We provide hands-on service for the PowerDNS products, as part of the PowerDNS Certified Consultant program. Our specialities include the API on both server products and (custom) backends for the Authoritative Server.


Developed as a legacy migration strategy for ML3 for DOS customers, we distribute Magnolia, a Windows-based runtime environment for line of business apps, some of them commonly found in Austrian retail shops.

Development Consulting for yesss!

Deduktiva provides IT development consulting to yesss!, a well known discount mobile network operator brand in Austria.